Why is groundwater a highly overused resource?

Why is groundwater a highly overused resource?
Now-a-days, groundwater is highly overused because of many reasons
(t) Groundwater is a fresh water source and used for drinking purpose and it is actually over-exploited in urban area for domestic purpose and drinking purpose. . .
(ii) Groundwater is also now over-exploited for irrigation purpose especially in Green Revolution areas of Punjab-Haryana-Western Uttar Pradesh region. Intensive agricultural practices intensify over-exploitation of groundwater.
(iii) After independence, many industries are developed along with many development projects. All these exploit groundwater for various purposes and often contaminate it.
(iv) After the toxication and pollution of rivers and many lakes, groundwater become practically only source of fresh water used direcdy without treatment. For all these reasons, groundwater is highly exploited.