Why is educated unemployment a peculiar problem in India?

Why is educated unemployment a peculiar problem in India? How it can be resolved?

Unemployment means a state of worklessness for a person who is fit and has the willingness to work. Our educational system does not prepare the minds of youth to become self employed. It enables them to depend on government vacancies which are very hard to get. Everyone pursue education as long as they want to do. However, they are not able to find the right job because of lack of employment opportunities in India. Employers are searching for people who have good learning and communication skills along with critical thinking abilities. A large number of unskilled youth are unable to meet the employer’s requirement. Only a few educated youth are able to get jobs and the remaining youth are incurring debt and are struggling for their day-to-day expenses. Unemployment tends to increase the burden and affects the overall growth of an economy. An increasing trend in the unemployment rate is an indication of a depressed economy. When people cannot be used as a resource, they are treated as a liability to the economy.

To overcome this problem, we need to link education to the available opportunities. Train the students for the jobs of today as well as tomorrow. Procure data through digital platforms to provide professional training programs based on current and future available jobs. Also, training can take place at college level and certain powerful tool like internship program for students