Why is Bombay called 'Mayapuri' or 'city of dreams'?

Why is Bombay called ‘Mayapuri’ or ‘city of dreams’?
Ans. Despite its massive overcrowding and difficult living, Bombay appears to many as a ‘Mayapuri’ or city of dreams. Several people from all over India came here and found their worth and livelihood by engaging themselves in work.
Creative people got the opportunity to use their talents in a positive way. The Bombay film industry had contributed in a big way to produce an image of the city as blend of dream and reality, of slums and star bungalows.
By 1925, Bombay had become India’s film capital. Thousands of talented people came here every year looking for a bright career in the film industry. Millions of rupees were invested in films and by 1987, the film industry employed 520000 people.