Why has the 'Chotanagpur Plateau Region' the maximum concentration of iron

Why has the ‘Chotanagpur Plateau Region’ the maximum concentration of iron and steel industries? Analyse the reasons.

The factors responsible for the concentration of iron and steel industries in and around the ‘Chotanagpur Plateau Region’ are as follows
(i) Low cost of iron ore Iron mines are located in the nearby areas. It helps to reduce the transportation cost of iron ore to the industries.
(ii) High grade raw materials in proximity Other bulky raw materials like, coking coal, limestone are also available in proximity.
(iii) Availability of cheap labour From the adjoining areas of Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha cheap labour is available in abundance.
(iv) Dense transport network This region is well connected with roadways and railways that help in the swift movement of raw materials and finished goods to the industry and market areas, respectively.
(v) Port facilities Kolkata is a well developed port that is near to this area.