Why do we call pituitary gland as the master gland? Where is it located and what are its functions?

The pituitary gland secretes a number of hormones that regulate various functions of the body. It also controls the functioning of the other endocrine glands. Hence, called the master gland.
Location Pituitary gland is located just below the hypothalamus at the base of brain.
Pituitary gland secretes five important hormones, i.e.
(i) Growth hormone It regulates the growth and development of bones and muscles.
(ii) Tropic hormone It regulates the secretion from other endocrine glands.
(iii) Prolactin hormone It regulates the function of mammary glands in females.
(iv) Vasopressin hormone It regulates water and electrolyte balance in the body.
(v) Oxytocin hormone It regulates the ejection of milk during lactation.