Why do the enterprises need to adopt pollution control measures?

Protection of the environment is a serious issue that confronts business managers and
Business enterprises need to adopt pollution control measures due to following reasons
(i) Reduction of Health Hazards Pollutants in the environment can cause many diseases like cancer, heart attacks and lung complications. Pollution control measures are needed to check the spread of such diseases for ensuring a healthy life on Earth.
(ii) Reduced Risk of Liability If an enterprise is held liable for causing damage to people by the toxicity of gaseous, liquid and solid wastes it has released into the environment, it may be required to pay compensation to affected people. This risk of liability can be reduced by installing pollution control devices in its premises.
(iii) Cost Savings Improper production technology results in greater wastes which leads to higher cost of waste disposal and cost of cleaning the plants. An effective pollution control programme can thus save operating costs of business.
(iv) Improved Public Image Society today is conscious of environmental quality and hence a firm’s policies and practices for controlling wastes influence people’s attitude towards its working. A firm that adopts pollution control measures will be perceived as a socially responsible enterprise.
(v) Other Social Benefits Pollution control results in many other benefits like clearer visibility, cleaner buildings, better quality of life and the availability of natural products in more pure form.
(iv) Legal Obligations There are certain laws in place to control pollution with which the business enterprises also have to comply so as to control pollution which causes risks to environmental quality, human health and damage to natural and man-made resources.