Why do people's development goals vary? Explain with examples

Why do people’s development goals vary? Explain with examples.
A . Different people have different goals. Each one of them seeks different things. They seek things that are most important for them, i.e. that which can fulfil their aspirations or desires. For instance, a landless rural labourers may desire more days of work and better wages, whereas a prosperous farmer may desire assured high family income through higher support price for their crops and through hard worsting and cheap labourers, children to be settled abroad. In fact, at times, two persons or groups may seek things which are conflicting.
For example, a girl expects as much freedom and opportunity as her brother, and that he also shares in the household work. Her brother may not like this. Similarly to get more electricity, industrialists may want more dams. But this may submerge the land and disrupt the liyes of people who are displaced. They may resent this and may prefer small check dams or tanks to irrigate their fields.