Why do people prefer democracy? Explain with four reasons

Why do people prefer democracy? Explain with four reasons.

Over a hundred countries of the world claim and practice some kind of democratic politics:

  • They have formal constitutions, they hold elections. They have parties and they guarantee rights of citizens. Thus in most countries, the democracy produces a government that is accountable to the citizens and responsive to the needs and expectations of the citizens.
  • No society can fully and permanently resolve conflict among different groups. But we can learn to respect these differences and evolve mechanisms to negotiate them. Democracy is best suited as it develops a procedure to conduct competition.
  • Belgium is a good example of negotiating differences among ethnic population.
  • The passion for respect and freedom are the basis of democracy. Democracies throughout the world have recognised this at least in principle.
  • Democracy remains democracy only as long as every citizen has a chance of being in majority at some point of time.
  • People wish to be ruled by representatives elected by them as a democratic government is people‚Äôs own government and makes them believe that it is suitable for their country as it is a legitimate government.