Why did housing become an important

Why did housing become an importantconcern for the people of London in the early 20th century? State measures to be taken to solve the problem.
Ans. After Industrial Revolution, people started coming in London in large scale. Poverty was more concentrated and visible in London.
Due to following reasons housing became an important concern for the people ofLondon in the early 20th century
(i) Houses in which poor people lived were overcrowded, had no ventilation or sanitation. These were serious threat to public health.
(ii) There were possibilities about fire hazards created by poor housing.
(iii) After the Russian Revolution in 1917, there was a fear among rich that the situation might lead to social disorder and rebellion.
Some measures to be taken to solve the problem were
(i) Worker’s mass housing schemes were planned.
(ii) One million single family cottages were built.