Who wrote the novel ‘Saraswati Vijayam'? Briefly explain its theme

Who wrote the novel ‘Saraswati Vijayam’? Briefly explain its theme.

POTHERI Kunjambu, a ‘lower caste’ writer from North Kerala wrote a novel called ‘Saraswati Vijayam’ in 1892, mounting a strong attack on caste operation. This novel shown a young man from an untouchable caste, leaving his village to escape the cruelty of his Brahmin landlord. He converts to Christianity, obtains modern education and returns as the judge in the local court. Meanwhile the villagers, thinking that the landlord’s men had killed him, filed a case. At the conclusion of the trial, the judge reveals his true identity and the JJambuthiri repends and reforms his ways. ‘Saraswati Vijayam’ stresses the importance of education for the upliftment of the lower castes.