Who appoint the Council of Ministers and who can be included in it?

Appointment of Council of Ministers After the ,appointment of the Prime Minister, the President appoints the Ministers of the Council of Ministers on the advice of the Prime Minister. The Ministers are usually from the party or the coalition that has the majority in the Lpk Sabha. In other words, the President appoints the council of ministers on the advice of the ’ Prime Minister.
The council of ministers is the official name for the body , that includes all the ministers. It usually has 60 to 80 ministers, of different ranks. The council of ministers have collective responsibility to the Lok Sabha, it includes three types of ministers.
(i) Cabinet Ministers They are usually top leaders of the ruling party or parties who are incharge of the major ministries. They meet to take decisions in the name of the council of ministers. Cabinet is the inner ring of the council of ministers.
(ii) Ministers of State with Independent Charge They are usually incharge at smaller ministries. They participate in the Cabinet meetings only when specially invited.
(iii) Ministers of State They are attached-to and required to assist Cabinet members.