Which was the first book printed by Gutenberg?

Which was the first book printed by Gutenberg? Explain any four unique features of it.

The first book printed by Gutenberg was Bible. Following are the features of Bible
(i) Gutenberg printed about 180 copies of Bible, of which no more than 50 have survived.
(ii) The book was printed in the new Gutenberg press with metal type, but the borders were carefully designed, painted and illuminated by the artists.
(iii) No two copies were the same. Every page of each copy was different.
(iv) Elites preferred the uniqueness of the book. What they possessed would not be similar with others.
(v) Gutenberg printed the text in black leaving spaces where the colour could be filled in later. Each owner could select their own colour and design for the holy book.
(vi) The use ofcolour within the Utters in various places of this hook had two junctions
(a) It added colour to the page.
(b) It highlighted all the holy words to emphasise their significance.