Which qualities will you like to have as a good leader?

Which qualities will you like to have as a good leader?
Explain the term ‘leadership’ and state the qualities of a good leader.
Explain briefly the qualities of a good leader.
’Effectiveness of leadership depends upon the qualities of a leader’. Explain.
In an organisation, there are many leaders. But a good leader must be a distinguished one. Suggest any four qualities that a good leader must possess.
Explain the qualities of a good leader. Do the qualities alone ensure leadership success?

Leadership may be defined as the process of influencing the behaviour of people by making them strive voluntarily towards the achievement of goals.
Qualities of good leader :

  1. Physical qualities
    A good leader must possess a good height, weight, health and appearance. Health and endurance help a leader to work hard and inspire others also to do so.
  2. Knowledge
    A good leader should have required knowledge and competence, so that he can influence others.
  3. Integrity
    A leader should possess high level of integrity and honesty, so that he can be a role model to others.
  4. Initiative
    A leader should have courage and initiative to do things on his own, rather than waiting for others to do it first.
  5. Communication skills
    A leader should be a good communicator. He should be able to clearly explain his views to others. He should not only be a good speaker, but a good listener, teacher and counsellor.
  6. Motivation skills
    A leader should understand the needs of his employees and motivate them by satisfying their needs.
  7. Self-confidence
    A leader should have a high level of confidence. He should not lose confidence even in the most difficult times.
  8. Decisiveness
    A leader must be decisive in the sense that once he has taken a decision, he should be firm on it.
  9. Social skills
    A leader should be sociable and friendly with his colleagues and followers, so that he can understand them and their needs.