Which plants can you get in your village?

Which plants can you get in your village ? Among these by products of which plants do you use in your real life ?
A. 1) The plants grow or available in our village are Sapota, Coconut, Cassia, Mango, Guava, Borassus plantain, Tobacco, Rauwolfia, Coffee, Neem, Datura, Chrysanthe¬mum, Acacia, Pinus, Vallisneria, Teak, etc.
2) Out of these plants alkaloids are available from the plants like Tobacco, Rauwolfia, Coffee, Neem* Datura and Chrysanthemum. The by-products from these plants are
utilised in my real life.
Plant ------------- Use
Tobacco------- Insecticide
Rauwolfia serpentina--------------- Medicine for snake bite
Coffee-------------------- Central nervous system stimulant
Datura--------------------- Sedative
3) Tannins are the by - products of cassia, acacia. These are used in tanning of leather and in medicines.
4) Resin the by-product of Pinus is used in varnishes. .
5) Gums are extracted from neem and acacia.
They are used as adhesives and binding agents in the preparation of food, medicines.