Which one between Na and ${{Na}^{+}}$ would have more size ? Why?

  1. The atomic number of sodium is 1 and it has 11 protons and 11 electrons with
    outer electron as 3${{s}^{1}}$ whereas Na+ ion has 11 protons but only 10 electrons.
  2. The 3s shell of ${{Na}^{+}}$ has no electron in it.
  3. So the outer shell configuration is 2${{s}^{2}}$2${{p}^{6}}$.
  4. As proton number is more than electrons, the nucleus of Na+ ion attracts outer shell electrons with strong nuclear force.
  5. As a result the ${{Na}^{+}}$ ion shrinks in size.
  6. Therefore, the size of ${{Na}^{+}}$ ions is less than Na atom.