Which of the various methods of current generation protects nature well?

Which of the various methods of current generation protects nature well ? Give examples to support your answer.

  1. Hydro power plant: A power plant that produces electricity by using flowing of water to rotate a turbine is called hydro-power plant.
    Advantages :
  2. It does not produce any environmental pollution.
  3. It will never get exhausted.
  4. The construction of dams on rivers helps in controlling floods and in irrigation.
  5. Wind generators : A wind generator which is used to generate electricity by
    using wind energy.
    Advantages :
  6. It does not cause any pollution.
  7. It will never get exhausted.
  8. Wind energy is available free of cost.
  9. Solar cell : Solar cell is a device which converts solar energy directly into electricity.
    Advantages :
  10. They require no maintenance.
  11. They can be set up in remote inaccessible and very sparsely inhabited areas where the laying of usual power transmission is different and expensive.
  12. Biogas is used for generating electricity.
  13. As sea water flows in and out of the tidal barrage during high and low tides it turns the turbines to generate electricity.
  14. The energy of moving sea-waves can be used to generate electricity.
  15. The energy available due to the difference in the temperature of water at the surface of the ocean and at deeper levels is called ocean thermal energy. The ocean thermal energy can be converted into a usable form of energy like electricity.
  16. Geothermal energy is the heat energy from hot rocks present inside the earth.
    It is also used to produce electricity. It is a clean and environmental friendly source of energy. .
  17. The energy produced during nuclear fission reactions is used for generating electricity at nuclear power plants.