Which crop is known as the 'golden fibre’?

Which crop is known as the 'golden fibre’? Explain two geographical conditions essential for the cultivation of this crop. Mention its any four uses.
What is known as ‘golden fibre’? Where is it grown in India and why? Describe various uses of this fibre.
Ans. Jute is called golden fibre for its colour and high cash value in India.
Geographical conditions
(i) Well-drained fertile soils in the flood plain where soil is renewed every year.
(ii) High temperature during growth period, so hot and humid climate is required.
Among major regions of jute production, West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Odisha and Meghalaya are important.
(i) It is used in making carry bags, carpets, ropes, yarn and other artefacts. ■ -
(ii) Its stick is also used for fuel in rural belt.
(iii) With fine works, it can be used for clothes.
(iv) It is cropped for commercial purpose which earns a livelihood for farmer.
(v) Now, it is proposed to replace polythene space in India to promote pollution free environment.

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