When and how do social differences lead to social division?



When and how do social differences lead tosocial division? What are the social" circumstances when it becomes easier to accommodate them?
Ans. A social difference means the difference in a group of people due to their race, religion, language and culture. It becomes a social division when some social differences are joined by another set of social differences. In other words, when two or more social differences join together, it turns into a social division. For example, the difference in the Blacks and the Whites in America is due to their different races which is a social difference. It becomes a social division when the economic condition of these two communities are also considered. The Blacks tend to be poor, homeless and the Whites tend to be rich, educated.
This creates a division in the people making them feel that they belong to different communities. If people see their identities in singular and exclusive terms, it becomes very difficult to accommodate. If Black and White both the communities think that they are citizen of the US, then, their differences are easy to reconcile. ■
For example, both these communities participate in Olympic Games as the representatives of the USA.