What would happen if the liver do not secrete bile?

If the liver would stop secreting the bile, following may happen
(i) The fats in our diet would not he digested, as bile helps in emulsifying fats and breaks it down for the body to absorb.
(ii) The liver makes bile from cholesterol. Thus, higher levels of cholesterol in the body may occur.
(iii) Bilirubin is made from our dead red blood cells and is a type of a pigment, that also act as a part of the bile. Hence, if the liver does not secrete bile, the bilirubin would stay in blood instead of being converted by the liver into a soluble form and flow with the bile.
(iv) This may make our skin, white of the eyes more yellow in colour Qaundice), darken our urine
and the stools would be whiter in colour.