What was the impact of industrialisation and urbanisation



What was the impact of industrialisationand urbanisation on the family in Britain in the 19th century?
Ans. In the 18th century, family was regarded as a single unit of production and consumption in Britain. They also took political decision unitedly.
But the function and shape of the family were completely changed due to the industrialisation and urbanisation.
They had following impact on the family
(i) Ties between the members of family loosened and the institution of marriage tended to breakdown among the working class.
(ii) Women gradually lost their industrial jobs and were forced to work within household. Large number of them worked as domestic help in the houses of rich people. Many of them were involved in activities like tailoring, washing or matchbox making and supported their own family economically.
Women who worked for wages had some control over their own lives. On the other hand, women of upper and middle classes faced higher levels of isolation as they had ‘no work to do’. Their domestic chores were looked after by the paid maids. .
(iii) Large number of children of poor family were pushed into low paid work often by their parents in this period.