What was the ‘Feminist Movement’?

What was the ‘Feminist Movement’? Explain the Political demands of the Feminist Movement in India?

Feminist Movements are radical women’s movements aiming at attaining equality for women in personal and family life and public affairs. These movements have organised and agitated to raise channels for enhancing the political and legal status of women and improving their educational and career opportunities.

Political demands of the feminist movement in India: The one way to ensure that women related problems get adequate attention in India is to have more women as elected representatives. To achieve this, it is legally binding to have a fair proportion of women in the elected bodies. Panchayati Raj in India has reserved one thud seats in Local government bodies for women.
In India, the proportion of women in legislature has been very low. The percentage of elected women members in Lok Sabha is not even 10% and in state assemblies less that 5%. India is behind several developing countries of Africa and Latin America. Women organizations have been demanding reservations of at least l/3rd seats in Lok Sabha and state assemblies for women.
And only recently, in March 2010, the women’s reservation bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha ensuring 33% reservation for women in Parliament and state Legislative bodies.