What values do you observe in the patient?

A person is suffering from sudden chills, nasal discharge, sneezing, fever with cough and inflammation of respiratory mucosa.

  1. Are these symptoms associated with bacterial or viral infections?
  2. Mention the mode of transmission and strategies for its prevention and control.
  3. What values do you observe in the patient?
  1. The symptoms identify the diesease as a viral infection called influenza. Causative organism is Myxovirus influenzae.
  2. Mode of spread It spreads through droplet infection, direct contact with infected person {via talking, sneezing, etc.
    Prevention and control Isolation of patient. Antiviral drug therapy like Amantadine and Pimantidine are recommended for the treatment of influenza. Also, taking rest speeds up the recovery.
  3. The patient is self-aware, quick to take action and is health conscious.