What values do you observe in Amrita's behaviour?

Amrita came to known that plant group is also known as amphibian of the plant kingdom. She asked her teacher about the name of this group.

  1. Which plant group is known as the amphibian of the plant kingdom?
  2. Give any three characteristic features of this group.
  3. What values do you observe in Amrita’s behaviour?
  1. Bryophytes are called as amphibians of the plant kingdom, because they can live in soil but are dependent on water for sexual reproduction.
  2. Characteristic Features of Bryophytes
    • In bryophytes, true vascular system is absent, i.e. They do not have specialised tissues for the conductoin of water and food materials from one part of the body to another.
    • The body is commonly differentiated into stem and leaf-like structures.
    • Bryophytes lack real roots, stems, leaves, etc., and do not bear flowers.
      e.g. liverworts (Riccia, Marchantia), mosses (Funaria, Sphagnum) and hornworts (Anthoceros).