What value do learners infer from the passage?

Rahul was getting late for school. He tried to sip boiling milk from a cup. He felt very uncomfortable. His mother immediately brought a plate and asked him to sip the milk from the plate. Rahul followed her advice and did not face any problem.

  1. How did sipping milk from a plate was more comfortable?
  2. How did mother of Rahul help him?
  3. What value do learners infer from the passage?
  1. A plate has more surface area than the cup, thus evaporation becomes faster in this case. Since, cooling is always caused during evaporation. So, the temperature of the milk becomes low. When the temperature got lowered, it became comfortable to sip the milk.
  2. With the timely help by providing plate by his mother, Rahul could sip milk quite comfortably and could reach school on time.
  3. The values learners inferred from the passage are that we should avoid drinking hot milk, tea or coffee, when in hurry. This can be injurious to our throat.