What type of clothes should we wear in summer?

  1. Why a drop of dettol gets distributed evenly in a bucket of water without the need of stirring?
  2. Why do liquids have mostly lower density than solids?
  3. Dry ice is obtained when a gas is compressed at high pressure. Name the gas and state what happens to it when the pressure is released.
  4. Suggest a method to liquefy atmospheric gases.
  5. What type of clothes should we wear in summer?
  1. A drop of dettol gets diffused in water and can be smelt throughout the water, since there is enough space between the particles of water. Composing particles of dettol are very tiny, which are adjusted in intermolecular spaces very easily.
  2. Liquids have less forces of attraction (between their particles), and have larger space between particles compared to solids, thus they have less density than solids.
  3. CO2 gas when compressed at high pressure gets converted into solid CO2 called dry ice. On releasing the pressure, dry ice gets converted back into gaseous form of CO2.
  4. Atmospheric gases can be liquefied by lowering the temperature and then subjecting them to high pressure.
  5. We should wear cotton clothes in summer. Cotton is a good absorber of water. It absorbs the sweat from our body. When evaporation of perspiration takes place from cotton clothes it causes a cooling effect.