What steps can an enterprise take to protect the environment from the dangers of pollution?

Some of the specific steps which can be taken by business enterprises to protect the environment
from the dangers of pollution are as follows
(i) Top Management Commitment The first and the foremost step is to have a definite commitment by top management of the enterprise to create, maintain and develop work culture for environmental protection.
(ii) Involving Employees at All Levels Second step is to ensure that commitment to environmental protection is shared throughout the enterprise by all divisions and employees as they will actually implement the environment protection programmes and policies.
(iii) Laying Down Policies for Environment Protection Another important step is to develop clear-cut policies and programmes for purchasing good quality raw materials, employing superior technology, using scientific techniques of disposal and treatment of wastes and developing employee skills for the purpose of pollution control.
(iv) Legal Compliance A very important and essential step is to comply with the laws and regulations enacted by the government for prevention of pollution.
(v) Voluntary Participations Participation in government programmes relating to management of hazardous substances, clearing up of polluted rivers, plantation of trees and checking deforestation is also an important step in environmental protection by business enterprises.
(vi) Measuring Results Periodical assessment of pollution control programmes in terms of costs and benefits is also essential in order to have a steady progress with respect to environmental protection.
(vii) Education and Training Another step that can be taken for environmental protection is arranging educational workshops and training materials to share technical information and experience with suppliers, dealers and customers to get them actively involved in pollution , control programmes.