What should the developing countries

What should the developing countries demand in return for Iberalising their trade and investment for tht developed countries?

The developing counties should demand the following "
(i) In return for liberalising their trade and investment for the developed (ountries, the developing
countries should dtmand foreign aid from them.
(ii)Though WTO is supposed to allow free trade for all, but in practice, the developed countries have unfairly retained trade barriers. Developing countries should strongly demand for removing these trade barriers in their countries.
(iii) For example, the US government ignoring the rules ofWTO, has continued to pay its formers vast sums of money as subsidy. This enables US formers to sell the form products at abnormally low prices that adversely affects the formers of developing countries.
(iv)They should demand for advanced technology of developed countries.
(v) Also they should demand for long-term credit.