What role was played by the print culture in bringing the French Revolution?

In French Revolution, print culture played an important role
(i) Print materials like newspapers and books popularised the ideas of the enlightenment thinkers. They gave a critical commentary on tradition, superstition and despotism in contemporary society.
They suggested that everything should be judged through application of reason and rationality. They criticised the sacred authority of church and the despotic power of the state. They questioned about the legitimacy of a social order based on tradition.
The writings of Voltaire and Rousseau were read widely. Those who read them developed an attitude of questioning, criticism and judging on the basis of rationality.
(it) Print created a new culture of dialogue and debate. All values, norms and institutions were re-evaluated and public recognised the need to question existing ideas and beliefs.
(iit) By the 1780s, there was an outpouring of literature, cartoons and caricatures which circulated everywhere and led to the growth of hostile sentiments against the monarchy. In this way, print helped people to think differently.