What role does SIDBI play in promoting SSIs?

Following points will help in revealing the role o/SIDBI in context to promotion of SSIs
(i) It initiates steps for technololgy adoption, technology exchange, transfer and upgradation and modernisation of existing units.
(ii) It participates in the equity type of loans on soft terms, term loan, etc.
(iii) It facilitates timely flow of credit for both term loans and workigng capital to SSI in collaboration with commercial banks.
(iv) It enlarges marketing capabilities of the products of SSIs in both domestic and international markets.
(v) It directly discounts and rediscounts bills with a view to encourage bills culture and helping the SSI units to realise their sale proceeds of capital goods / equipments and components, etc.
(vi) It promotes employment orientied industries especially in semi-urban areas to create more employment.