What is Voxya? How it is help for us?

Voxya is a unique platform where a consumer can file a consumer complaint against the company to resolve quickly. It works for consumer protection in India. It helping consumers in getting replacement, refund and return as soon as possible. It starts a social media campaign, sends emails to the company, sends registered notice to the company and helping consumers in approaching in consumer court in India.

According to consumer protection act 1986, we have basic 6 consumer rights which are given as follows:

  • Right to Safety:
  • Right to Information:
  • Right to Choice:
  • Right to be Heard or Right to Representation:
  • Right to Seek Redressal:
  • Right to Consumer Education:

All consumer rights are protected under consumer protection act 1986. Consumer can also try Voxya, online consumer forum to protect their right and resolve their grievance against the company.