What is the summary of chapter keeping it from harold

what is the summary of chapter keeping it from harold

Keeping it from Harold is a story written by PG Wodehouse. It is about how Mr and Mrs Bramble hide Bill’s profession from Harold. They don’t want to tell him that Bill is a professional boxer because they think Harold is a gifted child and shouldn’t be associated with a sport not meant for the gentry.

The story revolves around how Bill decides to withdraw from the twenty round contest with American Murphy at the National Sporting Club. Although he has been training hard for this one, Bill is too afraid to fight as he will be in the news and Harold will find out about him. His trainer, Jerry Fisher does all that he can to persuade Bill to fight. Mrs Bramble too is upset to hear that Bill has decided to withdraw as she thinks about the prize money they would have received (if Bill won) and how it will help to fund Harold’s education.

When the three are arguing, Harold enters the scene. Feeling cheated, Jerry tells Harold about his father’s profession. Everyone thinks that Harold will hate his father for being a fighter. However, much to everyone’s surprise, Harold complains to Bill that if he doesn’t fight, Harold will lose his pocket money that he has betted on the match. He tells them that his friend at school will stop bullying him if they know that his father is Young Porky.

Harold requests for a photograph of his father to impress his friends. This talk encourages Bill to go and complete his training.