What is the significance of meiosis?

Significance of Meiosis : (a) Formation of gametes:Meiosis produces gametes that are essential for sexual reproduction.
(b) Maintenance of chromosome number : Meiosis maintains the chromosome number constant in sexually reproducing organisms. It is essential since the chromosome number is doubled after fertilization.
© Introduction of variation : Meiosis introduces variation in the organisms due to crossing over and random distribution of paternal and maternal chromosomes.
(d) Mutations: Chromosomal and genomatic mutations can take place by irregularities of meiotic divisions. Some of the mutations may be advantageous to the organism and are perpetuated by natural selection.
(e) Genetic information : It switches on genetic information for the development of gametes or gametophyte and switches off the sporophytic information.
(e) Evidence of basic relationship of organisms: Details of meiosis are essentially similar in the majority of organisms showing their basic similarities and relationship.