What is the role of diaphragm and ribs id respiration?

What is the role of diaphragm and ribs id respiration ? Are both active in man and woman ?

  1. Diaphragm is a muscular dome shaped tissue present at the floor of the chest cavity separating ab¬domen from respiratory system.
  2. Diaphragm expands downwards into the abdomen thus increasing chest cavity. This allows the lungs to expand as we inhale.
  3. As the diaphragm contracts up¬wards thus decreasing the chest cavity, it allows the air to expel from the lungs.
  4. The ribs protect the lungs and expand as we inhale to facilitate space for the lungs to expand. The ribs then contract expelling the air in the lungs.
  5. The intercostal muscles present between the ribs help in contraction and relax¬ation of ribs. .
  6. In man, diaphragm plays a major role in the respiration, while in woman, the ribs play a major role.