What is the importance of Himalayan Yew?

What is the importance of Himalayan Yew?Why is it under threat?
Ans. Importance of Himalayan Yew
The Himalayan Yew (Taxus wallachiana) is a medicinal plant found in various parts of Himachal Pradesh.chemical compound called ‘taxol’ is extracted from the
bark, needles, twigs and roots of this tree. It has been successfully used to treat some cancers. The drug is now

  1. the biggest selling anti-cancer drug in the world.
  2. Threat to Himalayan Yew
  3. The species is under great threat due to over-exploitation.
  4. In the last one decade, thousands of yew trees have driedup in various parts of Himachal Pradesh and ArunachalPradesh.
    As they depend on various components of the forest and wildlife for food, drink, medicine, culture, spirituality and the like, their life will be drastically affected if forest cover is reduced. It is due to this reason also that we should involve these people in making decisions on conservation of the forests. Otherwise, their quality of life will be affected and they may become impoverished