What is resource planning? Why is the planning of resources essential?

Resource planning is the widely accepted strategy for judicious use of resources. It is essential as resources are limited and unevenly distributed over the country. Planning will help in reducing wastage as well as taking care of the requirements of future generations.
An example of uneven distribution is Arunachal Pradesh, which has abundance of water resources, but lacks in infrastructural development.
Irrational consumption and over utilization of resources leads to socio-economic and environmental problems like shortages and pollution.

Resource planning refers to the judicious use of resources .this has become a major task to proper utilize the resources at present and saving it for future.
Resource planning is necessary for following reasons:
1.resources are present in a limited amount.
2.the demand of resources are increasing at fast rate due to continuous rise in population.
3.resources take millions of years to form.it is said that resources are going to finish upto 2050.
4.the use of resources in factories cause pollution.so using it judiciously involves working for environment protection.
So , use resources judiciously . with this we not only save our resources for future generations but even save our Earth from pollution.