What is ‘Regur soil’? Write its two features?

What is ‘Regur soil’? Write its two features? Mention any two regions where regur soil is found in India?

Regur soil is that soil which is made up of extremely fine i.e. clayey material.

  1. Capacity to hold moisture that makes it ideal for growing cotton.
  2. Rich in soil nutrients such as calcium carbonate, magnesium, potash and lime.
  3. These soils are generally poor in phosphoric contents.
  4. Develop deep cracks during dry hot weather which helps in the proper aeration of soil.
  5. These soils are sticky when wet and difficult to work unless tilled immediately after the first shower.

Regions where Regur soil is found:

  1. This soil is typical of the Deccan Trap region.
  2. It is spread over north west Deccan plateau and is made up of lava flows.
  3. This soil covers the plateaus of Maharashtra, Saurashtra, Malwa, M.P. and Chhattisgarh and extends along the Godavari and Krishna valleys.