What is poverty line?

What is poverty line? What are the calories and rupees fixed for rural and urban areas for measuring the poverty line?
Define the term poor and what is accepted average calories requirement in India for rural and urban areas.

Poverty Line It is an imaginary line used by any country to determine its poverty.
Poor It is person which lacks the financial resources and essential things to enjoy.
Calories and Rupees fixed for rural and urban areas to measure poverty line
The poverty line fixed for the rural and urban areas in India according in the year 2012 was Rs 816 and Rs 1000 per person per month respectively. It is higher in urban areas because of high prices of many essential commodities in urban areas.
The accepted average of calories requirement in India is 2400 calories per person per day in rural areas and 2100 calories in urban areas. It is high in the rural areas because of more physical work done by the rural people.

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