What is packaging? State its importance

Packaging refers to the process of designing the product’s package such as container, wrapper, etc.
Importance of Packaging :

  1. Rising Standards of Health and Sanitation
    Because of increasing consciousness about health and sanitation, people now prefer to buy packaged goods as the chances of adulteration in such goods are minimised.
  2. Self-service Outlets
    Packaging acts as a ‘silent salesman’ in self-service outlets by providing attractive and colourful packing of the product to attract attention of consumers.
  3. Innovational Opportunity
    Due to recent innovation and developments in packaging, scope of marketing has expanded to a large extent in products like dairy items, pharmaceuticals, soft drinks, etc.
  4. Product Differentiation
    Packaging helps to create differentiation amongst products on the basis of different colour, size, material, etc of the package.