What is meant by 'reflex action'?

What is meant by ‘reflex action’ ? Give one example. Name the components of a reflex arc in proper sequence from the receptor upto the effector.

Reflex Action : It is an involuntary, spontaneous
(nerve mediated action produced at unconscious level by stimulating specific receptors. Reflex action is rapid and automatic response, e.g., peristalsis, respiration, watering in mouth etc.
Components of a Reflex Arc : It includes (a) receptors,
(b) afferent sensory neuron,
© spinal cord/ganglion,
(d) efferent motor neuron and i (e) the effector muscle or gland.
The interneuron conducts impulses from the receptor to the effector in a single direction only. The effector organ shows the response.
Receptor -» Afferent sensory neuron —»Intemeuron ’ -Efferent motor neuron -> Effector muscle/gland