What is meant by packaging? State any four functions of packaging

Packaging refers to the process of designing the product’s package such as container, wrapper, etc.
Functions of Packaging :

  1. Product Identification
    The package of a product helps the customer to easily identify the product in the market, e.g. Red Label tea in a red colour packing, Taj Mahal tea in blue box pack, etc.
  2. Product Protection
    The package of a product protects it from spoilage, breakage, pilferage, leakage, damage, etc. e.g. oil in plastic bottles.
  3. Facilitating use of the Product
    The package of a product helps the consumer to open, handle and use the product more conveniently, e.g. toothpaste tubes, handwash soap dispenser, etc.
  4. Product Promotion
    An attractive package attracts the attention of people and at the same time, provides detailed information about the product, e.g. ferrero rocher chocolates.