What is meant by 'management as an art?

What is meant by 'management as an art? Explain with the help of any three features.
A carpenter, making furniture out of wood and goldsmith, shaping gold into ornaments. This can be done only by practising and implementing applications. Similarly, manager is also implementing and practising the art of management. Do you agree? Give reasons in support of your answer.
An MBA professional, applied his acquired knowledge and skills in managing the tasks of an organisation. In the context of this stated example, briefly discuss management as an art?
Pranav, a manager of Telton Ltd believes that management is an art. Do you agree with the view point of Pranav? Give reasons in support of your answer.

It is true that management is an art because of the following reasons:
(i) It has a systematised body of knowledge consisting of principles, concepts and vocabulary which forms the basis of the art.
(ii) The practice of management principles differs from individual to individual, giving rise to different styles of management.
(iii) Management involves practice and creativity for finding solutions to complex managerial problems