What is meant by itinerant traders ? Explain the various types of itinerant traders

Retailers who do not have any fixed place to carry out their business activities are known as itinerant traders. They have to move from one place to another along with their goods in search of consumers.
Various types of itinerant traders are as follows :

  1. Peddlars and hawkers : These are the oldest form of retailers. They deal in non-standardized and low value goods like fruits, vegetables, ice-creams, toys, fabrics, etc., which they carry on bicycle, hand cart, cycle rickshaw or on their head. They are small traders who move from one place to another to sell their products.
  2. Market traders : They are also small traders who sell their goods at different places on fixed days. For example, every Saturday or every Sunday in ‘Saturday market’ and ‘Sunday market’, etc. These traders deal in a single line of goods such as toys, readymade garments, fabrics, etc. They deal in low price, low quality goods. Hence, they cater to the needs of the lower income group.
  3. Street traders : They are also known as pavement traders.’ These retailers can be seen in areas having high population like bus stands, railway stations, etc. They deal in common use products, like newspapers, magazines, toys, stationary items, etc. They do not change their place of business fre-quently.
  4. Cheap jacks : They are small retailers who deal in consumer items. They have shops in business localities on a temporary basis. They change their business place from one locality to another on the basis of potentiality of the area.