What is environmental planning?

What is environmental planning ?
List any four human activities that are directly connected to influence environment of a region.

Environmental planning : This involves various steps and measures which are taken to reduce the environmental pollution and to conserve the natural resources more effectively for long term use. Environmental planning is very essential to maintain the ecological balance on earth.
Four human activities which can influence the environment of a region are:
(i) Burning of fossil fuels in excess : It releases poisonous gases, smoke and fly ash into air that causes air pollution.
(ii) Discharge of untreated sewage and industrial wastes into water bodies : It affects aquatic life • as it decreases dissolved oxygen level of water
(iii) Excessive use of fertilizers, pesticides, detergents and plastics : It leads to the pollution of water and soil.
(iv) Deforestation : Large-scale destruction of forests reduces the rainfall, groundwater table, biodiversity and natural habitat of many animals in that area. This causes ecological imbalance.