What is bill of lading ? What information is contained in it ? How it is different from bill of entry?

Bill of lading is a document issued by the shipping company acknowledging that the goods
mentioned there have been placed on the board of ship and an undertaking that goods in like order condition as received, will be delivered to the consignee provided that the freight specified there has been duly paid.
Bill of lading contains the following information :

  1. Name of the exporter.
  2. Name of the importer.
  3. Name of notifying party.
  4. Identification marks on packages.
  5. Description of goods including number of packages, goods’ weight and volume, condition of goods at the time of loading.
  6. Freight charges.
  7. Name of ship.
  8. Port of shipment.
  9. Port of destination.
  10. Date of shipment.