What is an ascocarp ? Describe the three types of ascocarp found in fungi

Ascocarp is fruiting body found in the sac- fungi Ascomycetes. The Ascocarp is a complex structure enclosing many asci. It is formed in sexual reproduction.
Type of Ascocarp:
(i) Cleistothecium : It is found in penicillium and Aspergillus. It is a rounded and closed body. The ascospores come out by the decay bf clistothecium wall.
(ii) Percithecium : It is found in Claviceps and Neurospora fungus. This types of ascocarp is a flask shaped body having an apical opening, called ostiole. The cavity of perthecium containascospores which come out through the ostiole aperture.
(iii) Apothecium : It is found in Marchella and Morels. It is a cup shaped fruiting body. There are many asci along with the paraphysis in hymenium - layer. Below the hymenium is hypothecium.