What is an Activity?

What is an Activity ? Explain Economic Activities and Non-Economic Activities with examples.

An Activity refers to a kind of work in which ! people are engaged in their day-to-day life that can be either economic activity or non-economic [ activity].
(i) Economic Activities : People are engaged in different type of activities, such as a doctor, teacher, lawyer, business man or industrialist, etc. Everyone is busy in one or another kind of work to earn money or wealth to satisfy their f needs. Therefore, in simple terms, an activity which is related to the use of limited resources 5 is called an economic activity. For example, establishing a dairy for producing milk products for consumers which turns to be a method of earning wealth.
Further, economic activities are categorized in different ways which are as under:
(a) Production
(b) Consumption
© Investment
(d) Exchange
(e) Distribution.
(ii) Non-Economic Activities : Those activities which are not concerned with earning money or wealth are called Non-Economic Activities. These are social activities, religious activities, ethical activities, charitable activities and parental activities. The objective of these kind of activities is not to earn money.