What is a floral diagram ? What special features j does a floral diagram inform?

A floral diagram is "the diagrammatic representation of the ground part of a flower illustrating the number, arrangement and interrelationship of j various floral parts. The special features, which a floral diagram informs, are :

  1. Symmetry of the flower.
  2. Sex of the flower.
  3. Bracts present or absent, bracteoles present or absent position of bracts and bracteoles in relation to other floral parts
  4. Number of floral cyclic.
  5. Number of floral parts.
  6. Position of odd sepal or odd petal, if the number of sepal or petal is odd.
  7. Aestivation of sepals and petals.
  8. Number of stamens arranged in one or more than one whorl, their position in relation to S petals, attachment of stamens with petals of free,adelphous condition, monothecous or bithecous,extrose or introse.
  9. Number of carpels, free or fused, number of locules, number of ovules in each locule, type of placentation, any special feature.
  10. Position of floral parts in relation with the mother axis.