What do you understand by multiple shops and what are its features?

Chain stores or multiple shops refer to network of retail shops established in localities spread in different parts of the country. These are owned and operated by the same organisation and have same merchandising strategies with same products and display. For example, Bata shoe stores, Raymonds. 1

  1. These stores believe in serving the customers at
    their residential point or work place rather than attracting to a central place. For this reason, these stores are located in populous localities.
  2. The purchases for all stores are centralised at the head office. From there, th^ goods are transferred to various shops according to their requirements.
  3. Each retail shop is under the direct supervision of a branch manager. He is responsible for the daily operations of his shop. He has to send daily report to the head office regarding cash deposits, sales and requirements of the stock.
  4. The head office has full control over all the branches, formulates the policies and ensures their implementation.
  5. The prices of goods are fixed and are sold on cash basis.