What do you understand by endurance circuit training and its various

What do you understand by endurance circuit training and its various forms ? Explain interval training method in detail.

Continuous method of endurance development:
(i) Over head press
(ii) Pushing against a wall
(iii) Crunches
(iv) Shuttle run
(v) Leg raise (13 cm above ground)
(vi) Back raise
(vii) Chest press
(viii) Shoulder shrug etc.
Interval training method of endurance development : The name of system comes from the ‘interval’ or rest period, between the fast runs. This method is based on the principle of, ‘Effort and recovery’. This means during training some recovery (rest) period is given between the specified workouts so that the runner recovers. The pulse rate is increased, blood pressure is increased and there is also increase in accumulation of waste products such as lactic acid and C02, etc. For example repeating 300 mts (metres) with maximum speed (heart rate goes up to 180 beats per minute) and 100 mts with slow jog or walk and again get ready for next repetition.
The interval method is based on four variables:
(a) Speed of work
(b) Duration of recovery
© Duration of work
(d) Number of repetitions
Athletes all over the world have greatly benefitted from the interval training method. The training workload can also be, for example, 120 metres sprint-180 metres jog or walk.
Intensive interval method : In intensive interval method intensity is high i.e., from 80%-90%. This method is used generally for the development of the athletes speed endurance, explosive strength, strength endurance and maximum strength.