What do you mean by 'Questionnaire' ? What are the characteristics of a good Questionnaire?

Questionnaire: A form containing questions to which a subject or subjects respond. The information gained from the questionnaire is often subjected to statistical analysis. Questionnaires can be used to examine the general characteristics of a population, to compare attitudes of different groups and to test theories. Questionnaires appear simple but they are very difficult to compile in a manner which establishes reliability and validity. For example, a question worded in one way, may elicit a different response from the same question worded slightly differently.
Following are the characteristics of a good questionnaire:
(i) Questions must be worded simply and clearly, not ambiguous or vague. It must be objective.
(ii) Attractive in appearance (questions spaced out and neatly arranged).
(iii) Write a descriptive title for the questionnaire.
(iv) Write an introduction to the questionnaire
(v) Order questions in a logical sequence.
(vi) Keep questionnaire uncluttered and easy to complete.
(vii) Design for easy tabulation.
(viii) Design to achieve objectives.
(ix) Define each and every term.
(x) Avoid double negatives (I have no money).
(xi) Avoid double barreled questions (this AND that).
(xii) Frame questions for all respondents.